Over the past two months Portland Now, Inc. (PNI) has been working with several divisions and departments in Louisville Metro government to accomplish some important work our most visible corridors. 

In a series of discussions with stakeholders in the neighborhood we along with those government entities have developed a short but important list of items that we are going to get done in Portland. They are:

  • Planting 50 trees along the streets in the business and pass-through corridors

  • Hanging another 18 Portland Banners

  • Installing 10 of the black wrought iron Historic Portland trash cans on the street

  • Installing and filling 10 Bourbon Barrel Planters on the street

  • Install a bench at 26th and Portland on the North side of Portland Ave. 

This is another step in the ongoing efforts of PNI to revitalize our neighborhood.  

You will probably begin to see work on these projects in the next weeks.