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The Portland Investment Initiative (PII) announced it closed on 2.5 acres on Rowan and 14th Street in the East Portland Warehouse District, specifically the 13,000 square feet "Portland Station Terminal Building.

"Portland Station" is strategically situated one block east of the University of Louisville's Master of Fine Arts building and one block northwest of the recently announced Heine Brothers' headquarters and roaster building. Portland Station also borders the west side of Waterfront Park ˗ Phase 4. The pedestrian bridge over the trestle lands on the edge of this property. You can find some of the plans for Waterfront Park Phase 4 here:

The purchase includes a 2,500 SF service garage, presently operated by Nic Transport.

Historically, this site has always featured a railroad station. On the 1882 Sanborn Map it shows it as the "LNA&C" (Louisville, New Albany, and Chicago) Freight Terminal.

(hppt:// In the 50s, Portland Station was owned by the "C I & L" Railway Co. (Chicago, Indianapolis, and Louisville Railway Company) and operated as a terminal freight office.

More recently, in the '50's, Portland Station was owned by C I & L Railway Co.(Chicago, Indianapolis, and Louisville Railway Company) and operated as a terminal freight office, though some passengers were also known to use the station. In the '60s it became Monon Railroad Freight Terminal (Monon featured the classic "Thoroughbred" passenger line that ceased in late 1967 with the decline in passenger travel nationwide). In the 70s and 80s the Station became a trucking logistics hub for Banner Transfer Truck Lines.

Partners include Gill Holland, realtor Matt Gilles (who will be the person in charge of the leasing and development), dentist and real estate investor Ali Navigar, Shine Contracting principal Gregg Rochman, Nashville-based social entrepreneur Ryan Brown, Greg Brown (owner of Ford Lincoln, Franklin, TN).

"We have lots of exciting ideas for this historic, strategic property which we look forward to rolling out over the coming months," said Holland.

Article courtesy of the Portland Anchor
"Louisville's Oldest Neighborhood Newspaper" Volume 44, No. 8, August 2016

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